UI Trends

by Gauri Malani

Posted on June 08, 2018 at 05:00 PM

The user interface (UI) design trends keep on changing rapidly. What is in style or accepted as trend this year will surely become an old story next year. Some trends arrive and go off, whereas others remain constant and become ground rules. While it’s difficult to predict, we can still make some tasteful guesses about it.

Here is a quick look at web and mobile UI trends and also why it is important to follow latest trends while designing your software product.

UI Trends

Reasons to follow latest UI Trends

  1. UI Mixtures

    Colors used in the application play vital role as some colors that are passive will help to change user’s frame of mind. A design that visually looks decent and attractive adds better user engagement. We can keep user’s attention for a long time.

  2. Better User Engagement

    By following UI design trends, designers can make their UI charming with higher web traffic and better user engagement.

  3. Trust Creator

    Specialized and graceful design will build user’s trust.

  4. Easy To Use

    Application should be easy to use. Flawless and well-arranged design will encourage the user for using the application.

  5. Quality Deliverables

    To deliver a more enriching and an innovative experience to the users.

Trends in Web UI

  1. Lively Grades

    Uniformed design has been a much adapted web design style over dimensional colors, but gradients are making a big revival in 2018. Now, gradients are big, loud and full of color. The most widely held recent materialization is a gradient filter over snaps, as a less remarkable image can look interesting.

  2. Fusion Signs

    More than one color can be used for icons with outline leaving whitespaces inside.

  3. Particle Backgrounds

    When there are heavy background images in website it turns into performance issue. Instead one can use particle backgrounds. These animations are lightweight java script that allows movement to be created as a natural part of backing without any heavy weight.

  4. Custom Graphics

    Graphics are great, multipurpose and flexible media for creating imageries that are lively, approachable and add an element of excitement to a website.

  5. Typography

    Since long, typography has become a popular and leading visual tool. It easily convey emotions and set tone of website while sharing important message.

  6. Asymmetry and Broken Grid Layouts

    One of the big change apprise in 2017 was asymmetrical and unconventional ‘broken’ layouts and it is going stronger as time goes. Even traditional grid-based structure is still in use; broken layouts are becoming more popular.

  7. Moving Pictures

    Many of the websites are moving from static images to animation as this helps for keeping the user engaged. Small animations can be integrated with scrolling, navigation or as the focal point of the entire site but it should not distract user from the content.

  8. Video on Website

    Video content gained traction and becomes even more important than photos or texts. Popularity of video content is increasing day by day as it is easiest and attractive way of sharing the information.

Trends in Mobile UI

  1. Partly Cover Effects

    Overlapping of different elements such as visuals, typefaces, and shades is in trend to make the UI of mobile apps more eye-catching and vibrant.

    To make mobile design more attractive overlapping of similar elements with a dash shadow can be seen.

  2. Better-quality Swipe Patterns

    A drastic expansion has been there in this feature. Bigger buttons that are large enough to swipe have become popular.

  3. Custom Illustrations

    Custom illustrations not just make the app unique but more exciting. This trend is getting stronger and stronger by the time.

  4. Power of speech

    An amazing feature which is well acquainted by many apps now a days. App executes command narrated by user. Even this trend is at a very beginning stage it’s having very good future.

  5. Winkey Every Where

    Winkey or Emoticons are very widespread and close to heart especially in current generation. In coming years more new emoji will be introduced in apps to give delightful experience and for fun.

  6. Opacity

    A refreshing look can be given to design by using opacity. By adjusting transparency level, one can make the app pretty exciting and attractive.