Basics of Data Security

by Yogesh Satpute

Posted on April 10, 2018 at 07:00 PM

Data Security

You all must have read our previous blog about "Digital Transformation" and how the world is getting digitally transformed. As we are moving towards digital world, data security is an issue of vital importance. Whether on a home computer or office server, files that you save or open, programs or games that you download and run everything should be done carefully. Whether it is your hard drive, your activities on the internet, your home network, business network, internal configuration, email program, or the folder that you save your pictures in, it is absolutely essential to ensure that you know and understand basic steps to keeping all your data safe.

Password protect your devices

As a computer user, you must make sure that there is no unauthorized access to your computer. You must have a strong password which is not easy to guess and make sure you do not share it with anyone.

Virus Protection

Viruses, type of computer program, can wreak havoc on our computer systems. If you are using Microsoft Windows, you must be careful about these computer programs. You should have a good anti-virus program installed on your computer.
Apart from anti-virus program, make sure that your windows system is up-to date with all the patches released by Microsoft.

Browsing Internet

Internet browsing is a very common activity now a days. But visiting certain sites may be harmful, as they carry risk of viruses (or similar programs) that can infect your computer. Some websites are designed to steal personal information from you, such as bank login information or social media login information. So, try not to open emails that look suspicious or unusual, especially if they relate to your social media, financial services, or utility accounts. Delete these messages. In addition to this, be especially wary and vigilant if an offer demands you to act immediately, sounds too good to be true, or asks for personal information. Stay away from all such illusions!!!
Also, make sure to logout when you are done accessing your social media account, email account, banking account etc.

Data Backup

Backing up your data is very vital part of securing it. If all the security measures fail and your data is corrupted, you can restore the data from the backup. So, take regular backups of all your important data.

So to summarize, every computer user must be concerned about data security. Business computers contain all kind of sensitive business information whereas home computer might have all the personal information. We must make sure we secure the information so that no one can steal it and mis-use.
Its always better to prevent than cure!