Enterprise Apps

Enterprise applications are business applications that are complex in design and satisfy large number of requirements for large number of their target users. These kind of business applications need to be scalable and must follow modular architecture.

We, at Virtuoso Infotech, having experience of more than 15 years of building such enterprise applications understand this. We invest sufficient amount of time in designing modules and workflows for these applications and also follow a review process for the same.

We believe in working with cutting edge technologies to add business value to enterprise applications that make difference in market and satisfy all aspects like scalability, security, modularity and easy-of-use.

We have in-house expertise in major platforms and technologies including Microsoft C#, ASP.net, MVC.net, Entity Framework, Web Services, XMPP, Jabber, Socket Programming, Agile Methodologies, Angular JS, Bootstrap, MS SQL Server and MS SQL Reporting Tools.

Enterprise applications may be deployed on a many platforms across corporate networks, intranets, or the Internet. We work with PaaS models like MS Azure, AWS and make extensive use of services provided by them.

Below are some of the key aspects we implement during development of each enterprise application, as per the requirements.


  • Bootstrap JS and CSS

  • HTML5 and CSS3

  • Third party UI templates

  • One page applications with Angular JS and Angular 6+

Communication and Data

  • Server data management with MS SQL Server, MySQL and Firebase.

  • Handling downloads and uploads of large files.

  • Real-time communication support using XMPP, Sockets and Event bus.

  • REST / SOAP based secure communication over HTTP-HTTPS.

  • Document support for PDF, Word, Excel etc. with local printing.

  • Integration with S3 by AWS for file storages.

Data Analytics and Reporting

  • Integration with BI tools like QlikSense.

  • Data reporting with tools like SSRS.

  • Integration with third-party tools like QuickBooks.


  • Cryptography implementations for increased Data Security.

  • MS Anti-XSS Library implementations to avoid cross-site scripting attacks.

  • Secure handling for cookies and data cache.

  • Token based data communication between client and the server.

Deployment Platforms

  • MS Azure

  • AWS

  • Private Cloud Platforms

Location and Maps

  • Location-based service implementation using Google Maps and Bing Maps.

  • Interactive and advanced mapping with Overlays using Google Maps and Bing Maps.

Payment Gateway Integrations

  • PayPal

  • CCAvenue

  • PayUMoney

  • PayTM

  • Stripe

  • Telr

  • Gateways from Banks

Social Media Integrations

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • YouTube


  • Various regions, languages, currencies support with Internationalization.


  • Mobile Notifications using APNS and FCM.