by Gauri Malani

Posted on April 06, 2018 at 04:00 PM

Mobile Healthcare

Healthcare is one such sector which has been disrupted the most in past couple of years. Right from complex services like emergency medical help to basic services like medicine reminders, all are being explored, disrupted and tech-enabled world-wide. Gone are the days when we had to visit the chemist store to buy medicines that our doctors prescribed. Now the prescription reaches the stores and medicines to our doorstep, all digitally and seamlessly.

Technology has enabled this sector a lot in terms of serving the consumers of this industry. There are many for mobile apps, for enterprise cloud apps being built daily in Healthcare. Few examples could be, doctor aggregator apps, appointment booking apps, emergency help apps, medicine ordering apps, health monitoring apps, home-healthcare apps and the list goes on. Out of all these, one kind of apps that I find astonishing are the home-healthcare apps. How convenient it would be to hire a healthcare professional on tap of your mobile phone just like you hire a cab on Uber. These apps can help patients find healthcare professionals like therapists, nursing assistants, home health aides, physicians etc. in localities near them, take sessions from them at home, pay them digitally and eventually rate them for their services.

There are ample of such possibilities of creating apps and cloud solutions in Healthcare. So if you are a medical professional and the entrepreneurial bug has beaten you already, this is the most opportune time to try your hands on creating such mobile app. You can add value to huge number of people worldwide and also implement your medical knowledge outside your clinic or hospital too! Sounds exciting to me already!

If you are already running a healthcare start-up, you can make it m-Healthcare by getting a mobile app built for it. Look for Android application development company or iOS app development company because healthcare apps are better built on native platforms than hybrid ones.

Even if we say, technology has changed the way Healthcare sector serves its consumers, Healthcare is still personal. Healthcare needs human sensitivity. Does your app have it? Can I rely on the app to record my medical data? Does it predict my health patterns? Is my data secure? These are the questions your app needs to answer and still make it easy-to-use, hard-to-ignore kind of an app for your patients.

It wouldn’t be exaggerating to conclude that tech-enabled Healthcare companies are here to stay!