Considerations for developing Healthcare app

by Preeti Nahar

Posted on May 17, 2018 at 04:00 PM

Mobile Healthcare

As we have described in our earlier blog on Healthcare, this is the most disrupted industry in recent times when it comes to developing mobile apps. With this load of opportunity, there comes few important considerations that can’t be overlooked for your app to be successful and stay successful in Healthcare.

Today, I am going to list down some of those considerations that are obvious as well as are of utmost importance.

Data Security

If the app is patient oriented then data security is important. Usually these kinds of apps store information like patient’s medical history, medical reports, allergies patient has etc. If this information is not secured, it can be misused against the patient.

If the app involves online payments then it has to be secured and must follow all security principles.

It is often recommended to app developers to get such apps tested by third party security agencies to make sure security compliances are met.

It is also better to consider security vulnerabilities at the app design stage itself so that initial architecture can take care of them.


Privacy remains fundamental concern for the users of Healthcare apps. App developers and stakeholders must understand difference between Security and Privacy.

One can address security in Healthcare app without privacy but reverse cannot be true. There can’t be privacy without security.

It is recommended to collect only minimum required information from the user of the Healthcare app and app must also obtain consent of the user wherever required.


By all means, Healthcare is personal. The app must consider this aspect and the app design must give personalized experience to the user. Small features like personalized messages, notifications, accepting minimum required information, go a long way in deciding the success of such apps.

If the app is providing personal care services then features like marking a service provider as favorite, easy ways to contact from within the app will also help.


Cost can play a major role in user’s decision to sign up for your app. Your marketing efforts can get the user to download the app but signing up for the app is a different game altogether.

Your app development costs need to be monitored as it is often observed that while considering all above aspects, development cost goes high, leading to higher sign up costs for your users.

One size fits all

Audience for Healthcare app has a broad range of age groups from kids to youngsters to middle aged to senior citizens. So, the app can’t be based on “one-size-fits-all” principle. Each age group will have separate set of expectations and purpose of using the app. And design team needs to consider this.

Engaging audience in the design phase with the help of tools like online surveys, personal one-to-one interactions, can help in laying the foundation of overall theme and design of the app.