Mobile Apps

Mobile app development is an art and we are good at it! We not only provide solutions for simple user interface based applications, but we also serve most disruptive domains like, Healthcare, Education & eLearning, LifeStyle, Sports, Point of Sale, Supply Chain, Geo-tracking, Hospitality, Media Scheduling & Streaming and FMCG; when it comes to mobility for Android and iOS platforms.

Along with app that runs on mobile device, we also provide required back-end web application that enables our customers to perform administrative and reporting activities, thus making a complete solution available for them.

We support our customers to even deploy the mobile apps on Google Play Store and Apple Store by complying to all the norms by Google and Apple.

Below are some of the key aspects we implement during development of each mobile application, as per the requirements.


  • Interactive and user-friendly UI/UX design for mobile apps based on UIKit, Cocoa framework and Material Design.

  • Creating interactive Widgets and Notifications.

  • Creating interactive Plug-ins in Flutter.

  • Creating interactive Components in OnSen UI and Monaca.


  • Cryptography implementations for increased Data Security.

  • Security and Authentication using Touch ID, Face ID or Fingerprint Manager.

  • Keychain and Certificate authorization services.

Communication and Data

  • Local data management using CoreData, Realm, SQLite and ORMLite.

  • Handling downloads and uploads of large files with background support.

  • Real-time communication support using XMPP, Sockets and Event bus.

  • Local data backup and management with iCloud using CloudKit or with Google Drive for Android.

  • REST / SOAP based secure communication over HTTP-HTTPS.

  • Document support for PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel with local Printing.


  • Accessory management and support for Bluetooth, NFC and WLAN.

  • Third party hardware integrations with Thermal Printers, Scanners, POS terminals, Card Payment Terminals etc.

  • Audio / Video related media integrations with support for accessories connected.

  • Apple Watch support with WatchKit.

  • Virtual assistant integration using SiriKit and Google Assistant.

Sensors & Hardware Integrations

  • Telephony and Messaging support for Android.

  • Sensory data integrations supporting Accelerometer, Gyroscope. Magnetometer, Proximity, Device Motion, Pedometer, Altimeter, iBeacon™ Proximity etc.

  • Support for 3D touch features with App Shortcuts.

  • Camera Integrations with CoreImage and Camera2 APIs with handling for filters, modifications and overlays.

  • Audio recordings and speech recognition support for Speech-To-Text and Text-To-Speech.

Third Party Integrations

  • Google and Firebase APIs and SDK integrations for Places, AdWords etc.

  • Handling of various social networks, payment gateways and other third-party integrations.

  • Analytics and Support tools integrations for better growth and support.

Location and Maps

  • Location-based services implementation using MapKit, CoreLocation and Google Play Services.

  • Interactive and advanced mapping with Overlays using Google Maps and OpenStreetMaps.


  • Different regions, languages, currencies support with Data Localization and Internationalization.


  • Tickets, Bookings and Invites management with Apple Wallet integrations.

  • Local and Remote Notifications using APNS and FCM.

  • In-App purchase and Apple Pay integrations for payments.