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With over 90 happy customers, we take pride in the fact that we were able to deliver value for the investment they did by choosing us.

What people are saying


Virtuoso team members are technically very good, extremely quality conscious and very hard working. They work very well with in house and other teams and go beyond the call of duty to help others. Most of the time they are ahead of the curve and provide high quality delivery ahead of time with solid documentation and extensible architecture. When changes or issues come, they are quick to jump on it and fix it and deploy it, with almost zero follow-ups. They are an asset to any organization.

Mr. Sarwawash Kumar,
Director of Engineering and Devops - VeriFone Inc., USA.

We have been very pleased with the software engineering work Virtuoso have done on behalf of our firm - not just in terms of speed and the quality of the work but also the way in which they have developed creative solutions to complex challenges. It is further noteworthy that they have always been extremely accommodating of any changes to requirements that have emerged as projects are under way.

Mr. Ross Patel,
Director of Evidence - Afentis Forensics, UK.

I love that you guys are responsive and very organized and professional. We would absolutely select you - you have been amazing and very responsive.

Mr. Crisantos Hajibrahim,
Founder - ViWO Inc., USA

My experience with Virtuoso has been one of a kind. I have worked with many developers and companies however, they have always had the traditional problems of unreliability and low quality product delivery. Virtuoso has truly been a god-sent which has saved my product from becoming a failure. The team at Virtuoso act with responsibility and competence to ensure a partnership is formed and builds into a lasting relationship that can be relied upon taking away my worries regarding development so that I can use my time better on setting foundations for my business. I would not hesitate at all to recommend them to anyone who needs development work.

Ms. Nida Sumar,
Founder & CEO, KEZA, Dubai

Very reliable and helpful service partner. I continue to have excellent relationship with Virtuoso. Their commitment, reliability and helpfulness is really impressive.

Mr. Roy Louis,
Business Head at Planet NEXTgen Technologies, Mumbai

As a start-up, I couldn’t wish for a more well informed and supportive team. Providing invaluable feedback and guidance right from the initial stages of planning to execution, they were equally invested in the success of this project. Professional and co-operative, the Virtuoso Team have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Highly recommended.

Mr. Dharam Whabi,
Founder & CEO, Auriby, Mumbai

Being a start-up, you always have a few questions and apprehensions as to how do you project your firm, and how much to spend on all of that. One such channel of promoting oneself is through the internet, mainly website. Right from the start when I spelled out my concerns and thought process, Virtuoso Infotech has made my life easier, with proactive follow ups and suggestions. Be it Ideas, pricing or solutions, everything was precise. Infinium projects is pleased and has no hesitation whatsoever to recommend hiring Virtuoso Infotech for their services.

Mr. Chinmay Chirputkar,
Managing Partner, Infinium Projects LLP, Pune