TechDD Myths busters #5

Tech DD Myth Busters # 7

Tech DD is only done by Investment Funds, but we are a Start-up or an Enterprise.

Recently I was talking to a CDO - Chief Digital Officer of an Enterprise that is into consumer products and services, about how Virtuoso can help them.

While discussing our array of services, when I mentioned Tech-DD, the CDO was prompt to mention, “Well, we are not an Investment Fund, we won’t need it, right?”

If you are running your company - may it be a Start-up or an Enterprise, and following my posts about Tech DD for a while, you might have the same question.

The simple answer is, ‘Tech DD is not only for Investment Funds’.

It is true that Investment Funds are aggressive in getting the technology due diligence done. It helps them do better valuations of their proposed investments, and get higher ROI, while identifying potential risks. But it’s not the only benefit Tech DD provides.

Think of it as an “Audit” for technology. You can not excuse yourself from audits, no matter what size of organisation you have. It is a core business process that can make or break entire business.

Similarly technology audit – Tech DD can help you to ascertain a lot of valuable areas of your business that can be impacted by technology - and can be improved.

Tech DD is a continuous process that identifies risks as well as opportunities through-out your business, may it be Customer Experience, Customer Onboarding, Tech-stack, Infrastructure and Information Security.

Often, we have seen large enterprises benefiting from Tech DD with bringing better user experience, reducing customer churn, and saving unnecessary license costs on infra resources; across the organisation.

In short, it's like a regular check-up for the health of your business - it’s not optional if you want to stay fit, and grow.

If you would like to know more on how Virtuoso can help identify technology health improvements in your organisation, contact us for a Free consultation call.