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Tech DD Myth Busters # 3

Tech DD is a One-Time activity that is to be done, only while investing in or acquiring a company.

Technology due diligence is often seen as some activity that needs to be done only when there is a major event - related to valuation - like fund raising or acquisitions. But it's not. Read on to find out!

Tech DD Myth Busters # 2

I am funding a start-up, so I might not require a Tech Due Diligence.

Often when we discuss with investors, especially individual investors/ angels or small funds, they ask if they can skip a Tech DD - as they invest only in start-ups. But that is not true. Let us explain why !

Is your website fast enough?

In today's world, no one likes to wait, we choose things that will run faster or do our job as fast as possible. Research shows that 40 % of users leave the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Page speed can impact the business or conversion rate of your website.

There are proven examples where there is a significant increase in conversion rate just because of the page load time. Google also considers page speed as the major factor for ranking the website in search engines.

Tech DD Myth Busters # 1

Tech DD is only for Large Investment Funds ?

Often when I talk to investment fund partners about their processes of Technology Due Diligence for an entity, they ask "But isn't it something for large funds at a later stage?"

I get it. Given the significant coverage and efforts required in Tech DD, funds may think that it's only for big investments. But the reality is exactly otherwise.

Simplify Messaging with SignalR

Most of modern applications push real-time data to its users to keep them up-to-date.

The technology is called “SignalR". It is a free and open-source software library for Microsoft ASP.NET that allows server code to send asynchronous notifications or messages to client-side.

How Air-gapping can boost your Data Protection

In one of our recent articles, we saw how important it is to devise robust BCP / DR policies and procedures for software platforms. One of the key concepts for BCP /DR is Data Protection with Air Gapping.

For those who are unaware, Air Gapping is a data backup strategy. It is a backup copy stored in a separate storage environment which is not accessible, essentially it is stored in an offline environment. The strategy involves ensuring you have a copy of your data always offline and not accessible. Since they are offline they can not be hacked or stolen or corrupted easily by a remote connection.

3rd - Party Integration Risks Funds Should Check

Often 3rd party plug-in solutions seem a great choice for rapid development, but it comes with a catch.

In most of our tech DD cases, our common finding has been less protected data sharing mechanisms; between the platform and 3rd party plugins/integrations. Tech teams tend to integrate with 3rd parties in the rush to take the feature life or in rush to respond to business needs, but areas like secure data sharing and data handling with 3rd party solutions/plug-ins get ignored.

Faster Loading Pages with Service Workers

Have you ever experienced this?...

You're browsing a website; you click on a link and you're met with message "Cannot connect to the internet"? You hit the back button only to see the same message. You can't do anything until internet connection is re-established.

You can prevent these scenarios with the help of Service Worker.

Are you prepared ?

As an investment fund, how do you ensure that the entity you are investing is prepared to face the unexpected and unannounced calamities - from covid to a war?

In this article, we explain you what to look for in a 'Business Continuity and Disaster Management Plan' while doing the due diligences.

Reinventing the Search

What if we could challenge the traditional "textbox" when using Search in any application?

At Virtuoso, we were determined to experiment and find out a solution, as part of our UX challenge.

Now, you may wonder, why one needs to reinvent the wheel, as search is one of the age-old function people used - by typing into it? Read on to know more!

Secure the PII data, BEFORE you invest

Would you risk investing into a startup that shares the Personal Information of its users?

In our recent Tech Due Diligence for an Investment fund, the potential startup entity was a tech platform that had to capture end user's PII data as part of on-boarding new users. Read on to know how we helped them identify risks !

Know the Tech Debt, BEFORE you invest

When any Investment Fund asks us to audit the Tech used by their potential start-up investee, the first question we seek answer for; is "How much is their Tech Debt?"

Let's first understand what is Tech Debt or Technical Debt.