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Changing legacy systems can be a huge burden in terms of time and cost. It carries huge risks and challenges from budget approvals to vendor management to change management across the enterprise. We help improve your existing systems and workflows by applying a fresh perspective and deploying new technologies; without breaking them.

4 step process to improve your Enterprise Efficiency

Step 1. Technology Due Diligence to Identify the Gaps

Step 1. Technology Due Diligence to Identify the Gaps

As most part of your tech-stack is in the backdrop of the screens that we see, its tricky to evaluate them for their efficiency and risks. This becomes extremely crucial when you are trying to scale up your platform.

Virtuoso minimizes your risks by identifying the security and technology risks in your existing tech-stack, while providing you with appropriate steps to overcome them.

Technology Due Diligence

Step 2. Enterprise Systems Modernization

Enterprise System Modernization

Step 2. Enterprise Systems Modernization

Legacy systems adopted decades ago are hard to replace as they perform as backbone of the organization. But it also means limiting yourself to respond to the demands of modern users.

Replacing such systems can be a costly and time consuming task. Instead, Virtuoso identifies the gaps which can be cemented with modern technologies, making them efficient and responsive to modern-day demands.

Step 3. System Integrations to bring Productivity

Step 3. System Integrations to bring Productivity

Often organizations adopt different systems for the needs of different departments or business units. These systems implement workflows required for various functions such as Marketing, Sales, Accounting, Finance, Production, Support etc.

This means they have different databases, technologies and applications running in isolation - often resulting in duplication of data and information with various versions.

Virtuoso helps you to get all your data synchronized well with each other by building bridges between these multiple systems, so that they become more efficient, reliable and manageable.

System Integrations

Step 4. Custom Software & Mobile App Development

Custom Apps

Step 4. Custom Software & Mobile App Development

Our innate understanding of how various enterprise workflows affect the large businesses and their decision making, helps us to build new custom software solutions that address the exact need of the large array of stakeholders at your enterprise.

With different users preferring different platforms and devices to access the same data, and work with it, the journey for each user is different.

We carefully study the requirements and choose the best path to build your solutions so that the same data and system can be leveraged across various departments and improve overall productivity.

We are backed by HDFC Bank Ltd

HDFC Bank acquires 7.4% stake in Virtuoso Infotech.

This relationship will strengthen our vision to become a reliable software technology partner for Enterprises and the bank's objective to digitise under-served and under-penetrated segments using digital solutions.

We are excited to start our growth journey with HDFC Bank and HDFC Securities, serving the diversified needs of banking and securities business.

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