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From identifying technology gaps to assess the future risks in your tech-stack, to modernizing your legacy systems, and from integrating your existing applications to building new systems with modern approach, we help you to solve all your technical challenges.

Technology Due Diligence

Technology Due Diligence

Investing in a Digital Technology Platforms can ensure great RoI but it brings its own challenges with it. Most funds don't have inhouse Tech teams so they miss onto checking Technology & Information Security aspects in due diligence.

Since most of tech aspects are in the backdrop of what you see on screens, it gets trickier for funds to evaluate. This usually results in an inefficient platform that can not cope up with the scale that an investment brings.

Virtuoso being a software technology company brings knowledge required to perform such due diligence covering various aspects like Tech Stack, User Journeys, Customer Experience, Security Practices, Cloud Services, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery.

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Technology Due Diligence

Enterprise Systems Modernization to drive Efficiency

Enterprise System Modernization

Enterprise Systems Modernization to drive Efficiency

Often legacy systems adopted decades ago lack the support for modern use cases. But changing these systems can be a huge burden in terms of time and cost. It also carries huge risks and challenges from budget approvals to vendor management to change management across the enterprise.

We help improve your existing systems and workflows by applying a fresh perspective and deploying new technologies; without breaking them.

We help to update these systems with minimal efforts by identifying the technology gaps, and building systems that can cement these gaps, thus making them efficient and relevant to the modern-day demands.

This helps you to save time and cost on completely changing the system, and extend their life, providing more ROI on your existing investment.

System Integrations to bring Productivity

System Integrations to bring Productivity

Your enterprise runs on multiple platforms and systems adopted to suit the needs of various business units. Often there are different workflows at different business functions such as Marketing, Sales, Purchase, Delivery, Finance, Warehouse and Distribution. Hundreds of small and big applications are used at various stages.

These systems are built using different types of databases, using different data structures, and programming languages. This often results into hundreds of softwares and applications working in isolation

We help to build bridges between these systems, so that they can exchange their data with each other, avoiding duplication of data, and making verification across systems easy.

System Integrations

Custom Software & Mobile Application Development

Custom Apps

Custom Software & Mobile Application Development

Our innate understanding of how various enterprise workflows affect the large businesses and their decision making, helps us to build new custom software solutions that address the exact need of the large array of stakeholders at your enterprise.

Often software products are built with only one stakeholder in mind - the user. But at large enterprises there are several stakeholders who need the data and analysis from the usage of these activities for various purposes.

With different users preferring different platforms and devices to access the same data, and work with it, the workflow for each user is different

We carefully study the requirements and choose the best path to build your solutions so that the same data and system can be leveraged across various departments and improve overall productivity.

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